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    Photoshop, cant draw when zoomed in

    Leopold. Level 1

      Hey guys,


      i have this weird problem with photoshop since i have come back from my hollidays. If i try to draw smth while my canvas is zoomed out and completely visible everything is working normal. However as soon as i zoom in it only draws when i drag my pencil from left to right or the other way around. If i try to draw in any other direction it just moves my canvas. This happens with every tool i use when zoomed in, no matter if i select the zoom tool again or the eraser. If i turn off windows ink it works perfectly normal, but i dont have any pressure sensitivity at all anymore. Ive tried so many hot fixes already, and im getting really frustrated. I reinstalled Photoshop, the wacom driver and the graphic cards driver already. Does someone know a solution that might work?