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    Really getting confused

    gandalf458 Level 1
      I have created a circle with some words in. I converted it to a graphic and then converted that to a movie clip so I could make the circle and words fade in when the user moves their mouse over a button.

      In the movie clip I'm not given the option to set the alpha and in the graphic properties it says it's a movie clip and an instance of my movie clip. I'm really confused and can't work out what I'm doing wrong.

      My fla file is at www.get2thepoint.org/g2p/resources/projects2.fla
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          J.Rocker Level 1
          I'm going to try to help you out.

          A couple things (excuse me if you know these):
          1. you don't need to have the graphics in your project to graphic symbols. Your image will be fine as a movie clip. Movie clips and graphics are different because of how they use the time line, there are a couple of video tutorials (made by adobe) that can help you out this with.
          2. don't worry movieclip saying "instance of: mc_aveco" that's just there to help you keep track of things
          3. http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/442/avecxmx2.png
          The above image shows you how to mess with the alpha of movieclips.
          This won't let you fade in an object by itself, though.. and to get the project to respond to the mouse you're going to need to use some Actionscript.
          There's your project again, I think i've got it to work how you wanted it to. I tried to explain the code. It's in as3, i hope you don't mind.

          If you have any questions please ask!

          Hope that helped,
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            gandalf458 Level 1
            Thanks John

            I knew some of that at some level but it helps to have it repeated at various intervals - a bit like a fix of coffee! One prob is I'm using Flash 8 and it couldn't open the .fla file.

            Cheers G :)