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    Referencing External Images

      I have a main movie with an empty movie clip. I am loading an external Flash movie into this empty clip. The external movie also has an empty movie clip that displays external jpegs using Load Movie (the empty clips have different names). Clicking the next and back buttons allows a user to scroll through about 10 images—this works perfectly when I test the external movie on its own. However, when I load it into the main movie the buttons show up and work (or appear to work), but the images no longer appear. My images are stored in an images sub-folder (/images), and I have tried using absolute and relative addressing with no luck. I’m thinking it’s an issue with how I am referencing the image files, but I just can’t see where I am going wrong.
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          clbeech Level 3
          it's more likely that this is a MC path issue, since the loading of the swf into the main is the cause. are you by any chance using calls to _root or _level0 in the second swf to target the clips you're loading the images into?

          if _root, apply _lockroot to the swf file being loaded.
          if _level0, you'll need to change the path as _level0 calls will by-pass _lockroot.

          in either case you may simply want to change the target clip path to a more directly relative path as in: _parent.MC.loadMovie(); or whatever is appropriate for your structure.
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            CobaltRed Level 1
            Ah, I see what you are saying. Unfortunately, for now, I am stuck with Flash 4 and it's annoying inability to actually write code. I have tried to manipulate the action script menu into your _parent example with no luck. I guess it's time to dig that spare change out of the couch and upgrade (haha!). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!