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    Tif file corrupted after using Spherical Panorama Mode


      What step am I missing ?


      When I use a Tiff file to make a Spherical Panorama, I cannot save that file with changes after being in the Spherical Panorama mode.  The File saved is only the image frame left on the screen and not the entire image as used. 


      I am having to save multiple copies of the tif file prior to going into the Spherical Panorama mode in order to return to re patch or redo anything I may have missed.  This workflow requires me to redo all cloning or patching I have done when in the Spherical Panorama mode, must be repeated since those efforts are not saved when I attempted to save the Tiff file after exporting the Spherical file (jpg).   Further more, that tif file, if saved after the Spherical Panorama is exported becomes unusable, only displaying a "slice" of the panorama that was on the screen at the time the file was saved.  This forces me to open a new tif file of the same image and start over with my work in 3D Spherical Panorama. 


      What am I missing? 


      Thanks g

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Did you try using Photoshop 3d spherical Panorama export feature and it failed to save the fixes you made?



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            gmo52 Level 1

            Thanks JJMack for the quick response...


            The exported Spherical Panorama jpg comes out splendidly.  What remains however, is the original Tif file from which the jpg Spherical was built from.  I want to save that Tif File with all the changes I have made on it, obviously.  BUT, When I go to save that Tif file, with all the work I have done on its Panorama Layer ( 3D > Spherical Panorama > New Panorama Layer from selected Layers), that saved file is only a portion of original Tif image, showed on the screen at the time it was saved.  Small fraction of the original TIF.  In other words, if I have to go back and re-edit any blemishes I missed prior exporting the Spherical jpg, I have to start with a brand new copy of the original TIF file and lose all work that was done.


            Hope that make sense.


            Thanks g 

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Not really once you merge some or all your tiff layers into a Spherical Panorama 3D layer and create patches for 3d texture How can you make  these patches relative to your old 2d tiff file layers.   I could  understand you reverting your document to before creating your Spherical Panorama 3D layer  and placing  in your exported panorama as a normal image layer .


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                gmo52 Level 1

                JJMack -


                After noodling this all day, I made one fundamental change in my workflow and it allows me to re-edit the original file coming into Ps 3D.  Initially I was coming into Ps with a .tif file saved out of PTGui.  After researching a bit more, I decided to save the output from PTGui as a .psd file.  By coming into PS 3D with a .psd file, I am able to use the benefits of Ps 3D (clone seams / blend sky), then export out the 3D .jpg file and save it as a .psd file and most importantly come back to that .psd file to re-edit, if necessary. 


                For whatever reason, I every .tif file I imported into Ps 3D and saved afterwards no longer were usable if reopened again in Ps.


                By changing to a psd file format, I am now able go back to this original file to re-edit the sky or whatever reason, I am able to do so with the .psd file. 


                Just as an FYI, the next step afterward is to import the Ps 3D .jpg file into Pano2Vr to finish the panorama work prior to uploading. 


                Thank you and the forum