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    Hand Movement and Fixed Feet

    NomadLearning Level 1

      I have two questions:

      1. I have a draggable handle on my arm layer on the character's hand. When I drag the hand/arm to the position I want, there is some additional slow rotation of the character's arm and hand. The rotation happens after the hand reaches the desired position and it happens very slowly. Is there a way to speed up the rotation or movement of the arm and hand or prevent this from happening?


      2. I put fixed handles on the character's shoes on the Body layer, but whenever I move my head, the entire character rotates. The character's head and body are the same so I put that layer as the Body, so I'm not sure if that is causing the problem. For his head, I just have his facial features.


      Thanks for any help!

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I noticed you have the “Fixed” pins and bones in the “Body” layer. I don’t remember the exact rules, but there was something about pins fixing positions relative to the parent (or next independent ancestor... something like that). So you might want to try putting the Fixed pins for the feet on the FSC root layer if you want it pinned to the scene. See if that helps.


          No idea about the twisting - never heard of that before!  Only suggestion is to see if position of dragger relative to the bones makes a difference. E.g. the dragger is currently right next to (but not on top of) a bone/stick.  Oh, another idea is to turn on the yellow mesh in the scene view (click the little mesh icon at the bottom of the scene window) and see if you can pick up any hints as to what is going on by watching the mesh (Is the mesh twisting too? What is it twisting around?) You can use ALT+wheel in the scene window to zoom in on the hand to watch it more closely as well if needed.


          Otherwise hopefully and expert can help. Note: it is usually easier to debug with a copy of the puppet - either sharing publicly, or DM someone a private link so they can try. I don’t mind trying (I learn from it!) but I am not an expert. But I find quite frequently it is simple non-obvious things that trip people up.

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            mark@headTrix Adobe Community Professional

            hi there! Cool Character! Love the hands!


            So about the hands... you don't need that third Stick you added....and not sure if that is a fixed point you added at the elbow? No need for that either.... just need the forearm bone and the upper arm bone with space between them for the bending elbow. Also if things are not working as they should... you can try moving the position of the dragger, deleting the bones and drawing them again a little smaller.


            for the body, you probably should not have a duplicate of the head listed that is probably causing confusion. The body should just be the legs and feet maybe, and a blob or base that the legs can attach to, and maybe that goes under the head so you can drag the origin point so it overlaps at the lower point of the face as the connection point.


            Hope that helps! Id love to see this guy moving!




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              RameezKhan Adobe Employee

              Hey NomadLearning,


              alank and Mark had some great suggestions. Did you get a chance to try them?


              Let us know if you need further assistance.


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                NomadLearning Level 1

                Thanks for the help alank99101739 and mark@headTrix. Mark, removing the 3rd stick and repositioning and reducing the size of the other 2 sticks helped. I had a lot more control after that. Also I ended up making the body the face and then putting the legs, feet, and a base as the body which helped. The legs still moved a little with the head movement. I turned down the head movement sensitivity to stop the legs from moving. I appreciate the help!