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    Filter Gallery Disabled


      Alrighty, I've searched over and again and cannot find a resolution to my problem within my means.


      I have Photoshop CS5.
      My filter gallery is disabled (grayed out).




      1. My document is set to 8-bit color.
      2. My document is in RGB color mode.
      3. I have gone to edit > preferences > plugins and the whole option to "Show all Filter Gallery groups and names," is completely missing.



      4. The document is a large PSB document.

      5. Converting to smart object still doesn't work - filter gallery is still grayed out.
      6. I feel the issue may have something to do with the fact that I just installed the program on my new laptop. When I navigate to Photoshop's filters folder, this is what I see.




      7. I have reset preferences.
      8. I can't find anything on the website that indicates I can download just the original, default filters to install.

      9. I installed from direct download from Adobe and not a disk because my laptop doesn't have a disk drive.


      I really appreciate any advice ya'll can give me... I'm stumped!
      Thank you!!