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    Combining Files


      At my job we get thousands of pdfs a day that we need to combine.  Right now we have to drag and drop the same barcode pdf between every document that we're combining.  Is there away to have the one barcode auto populate between every document that we have in the combine file screen?  It would save us so much time.  Thank you for your help.


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No, but it can be done using a custom-made script. For example, the script could use bookmarks (if they are created when you merge the files) and insert the barcode file before the page pointed to by each one. Another option is to use a text file with the paths of the files to combine and then insert the barcode page between them,

          I've developed similar tools in the past for my clients and would be happy to create one for you, too. You can contact me via try6767 at gmail.com to discuss it further, if you're interested.