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    Best free Photoshop plugins like Alien Skin Eye Candy?

    dennis denko Level 1


      I've used Alien Skin's Eye Candy alot over the years - Are there any free alternatives that's similar to that plugin?


      Also which free plugins do you like for Photoshop? I have Photoshop CC 2018.

      I'm also looking for plugins for photographers - for tuning and make pictures "look better".


      Thank you!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Hmmm..  The catchword here is 'free'.  Eye Candy 7 is my favourite plug-in, but it wasn't free. 


          NIK comes to mind.  I don't think it is directly compatible with CC 2018, but there are claims to workarounds out there.  It's Silver Efex is world class, and the best B&W conversion tool bar any according to photographers I know.


          ON1 Effects 10.5 – ON1   is similar to NIK and free.  I have tried it and found I preferred the Topaz plugins that I already owned, but they are not free.


          There some very useful free extensions Creative Cloud

          These are what I have installed at the moment

          Space Equal was written by Chuck Uebele who is a regular poster here.  It works like the Move > Align tools, but on the space between objects rather than centers or left or right edges.  It's a very useful tool, and one that used to be available on Trevor Morris's Dmonzon Tools before Adobe moved from Flash to HTML5.


          Paper Texture Pro, sometimes associated with Russell Brown, has to be the best Photoshop texture tool available. 


          AFAICT  Interactive Luminosity Masks works as well as the Tony Kuyper version, but I think Tony's is not free.


          Other than that, I can't think of any more free plugins that I would bother to install. I use Eye Candy most, followed by ProDigital's Starfilter Pro 4, and some of the Topaz plugins like Adjust and Simplify.  The Flaming Pear plugins are old and clunky with terrible UIs, but if you can put up with that, they produce nice effects.  I use the three Space Bundle plugins and Flood 2.


          I bought Filter Forge a year or so ago, and was thinking it was not that useful, but we were discussing plugins yesterday (post #32 in this thread) and I decided it was better than I'd thought.  I might even pay to upgrade from v6 to v7.


          So what are you using now, and what sort of things do you use plug-ins for?

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            aswathie24629332 Level 1

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