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    Adobe Muse - is it possible to create page with mutiple buttons linking to a variable target?


      Hopefully someone can confirm if this is possible or not?


      I am looking at setting up a webpage with an interactive page for the user (Adobe Muse).


      The user will be able to select a button to bring up the desired target image and then be able select various other buttons that would be a variation of this target image.

      So, there will be multiple buttons that create a variable target image that are all interlinked.


      For example, let's say it was a kitchen design (the variable target image) - the user will have various buttons on the page to alter certain items on this image (whole image is replaced rather than layered effect).

      (Button 01) - kitchen door colour.  User can select either: white / cream / light grey etc

      (Button 02) -  worktop colour.  User can select: black / white / light grey

      (Button 03) - handle type.  User can select type 01 / 02 / 03 etc.


      So, if user clicks on button 01 and selects "white" the image would change to reflect this.

      If user clicks on button 01 and button 02 the target image would change to this selection.  Could be kitchen design with white doors and light grey worktop...

      If user clicks on button 01 / 02 / 03 the target image would change accordingly.


      There would be multiple target images created to covers all scenarios - is it possible to link images in this interactive manor?


      I hope this makes sense. 

      Thanks in advance.


      There is a similar idea on the following website:

      Kitchen Planner | Kitchen Visualiser Tool | Howdens Joinery