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    Lightroom crashing


      I am new to Lightroom and editing my 1st project on this platform. However I am only one day into it and Lightroom Classic keeps crashing, I get a message saying the 'Your system has run out of application memory' or it crashes. I want to use the software to edit a project. The project is on an external Lacie hard drive, 3TB with 1.5TB avail, and I have set up the Lightroom catalogue on the hard drive. The images are 60mb raw files. I edit the images and import only the selects, 40 at the moment, into a newly made collection. By the end there will be roughly 300 images selected. I have ordered more Ram to bump up the memory, but I am not sure this is the answer so would like any suggestions?

      Is there a different workflow I should be considering? thanks in advance for your input. Below is the desktop details I am working on

      Lightroom Classic 7.2

      iMac 2015

      3.3GHZ IntelCore i5

      Memory: 8GB 1600 MHZ DDR3

      Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M290 2048 MB

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          dj_paige Level 10

          ab9427113  wrote

          'Your system has run out of application memory'

          This means you don't have enough memory in your computer to finish the task at hand. Sometimes it can be fixed by closing all other programs.


          You also don't state what the project is, can you be very specific??? Lightroom may indeed need more memory if your project involves a lot of 60mb raw files (do you mean 60 MP raw files?)

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            ab9427113 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick post.

            I presume not enough Ram memory? The hard drive has 1.5 TB left and the Internal hard drive has 1TB left..

            Unfortunately I already have ever other application closed.. Editing a photo stills project, each image is sized as a 60mb raw file..

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Please describe your project in detail. At what exact step does this problem occur?


              Memory means RAM, it never refers to disk space.

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                ab9427113 Level 1

                I haven’t got far.. I have 16 folders on my external hard drive with about 300 images in each. I opened the 1st folder in Lightroom of 200-300 images. From the 300 images off the grid I import an edit of about 40 to the catalogue and place them in a collection folder.. my thought was to work my way through the folders on the hard drive with the same process, editing then importing the images and placing them in corresponding collection folders.. ending up with the selects in the collection folders, from which I will edit further and finalise.. I managed an edit and import of the 1st folderol the hard drive,  but now Lightroom is crashing as I edit the next folder even before I import the images?