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    Cineware truncates animation timeline

    kalibahlu Level 1

      I'm using C4D Lite v19 with AE 2018.  My C4D file has a simple scene with only camera animation.  I'm using the default camera settings, and animating only position and rotation.  The animation timeline is 1440 frames long at 30 fps.  When I bring it into After Effects and drag it to the New Comp icon, two strange things happen: First, the comp is very short, about 400 frames, leaving out most of the animation. And second, the comp start frame is 400, even though my C4D file has a timeline starting at the first frame.  So it only brings in a piece of the animation from C4D, from about frame 400 to frame 960, while the C4D file is actually 1440 frames.  Does anyone understand why this might be happening?  Thank you!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what are the actual project settings in AE? Did you add any fancies like scene markers, takes or stage objects in C4D? did you override the render settings in C4D with a custom duration? Set a custom work range on teh timeline slider? I could think of a million things...



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            kalibahlu Level 1

            Thank you for your reply, Mylenium.  No, nothing fancy, it's really the simplest file, just some objects, lights and camera animation.  Because of time, I had to just "go with it" for now and slide the keyframes down the timeline to start on the frames that AE could see, render that chunk to PNG, then slide the keyframes again and render the next chunk, etc., and then sew it all together in AE.  I got the project done on time, but still don't know what was going on there.  If I run into the problem again, I'll update this thread. Thanks again