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    Transparency question


      So I have a photo that I would like to put a red transparent screen over.

      But the only way I know is by adjusting the opacity of the shape on top of the photo.

      This results in the shape turning pink-ish.


      How do I keep the color of my shape and still make it so you can see the photo underneath?


      Thanks all!


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          mBornbach Level 1

          You could try the blending modes in the layers panel. It's set to normal by default. Changing it to multiply or color burn might make the shape look darker/more red.

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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Could you post the image and the Layers panel and describe the result you want. It would allow us to provide a more specific recommendation.

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              MelissaLA88 Adobe Community Professional

              Could you provide us with an example of what you're trying to achieve? And a screenshot of what is it you're currently attempting?


              As suggested above, you might consider trying blending modes to see if that achieves the desired effect. Here is a screenshot in case you are not sure where to find blending modes in the layers panel. Click the dropdown and you'll see you have a variety of options! You can quickly cycle through the options by holding down Shift and pressing + to go to the next mode or - to go to the previous one. Good luck!


              Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.39.18 AM.png