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    Incredible raise in sales!

    lag42 Level 1

      Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in 13 years here at FT!!  funny that and just before the holidays!  hope it stays this way. Anybody else with same experience??

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          Alex Rochau Level 2

          This is nice for you … but how much did you earn with this „incredible raise of sales“?


          I don’t really want to know this - but I suppose, most of the sales were subscriptions! I had the same about two weeks ago … lot’s of sales for one day – same niveau as 2 or 3 years ago (before AS) – but half of return per download (RPD)!


          It’s not important how many sales you have – what matters is what you have in your wallet at the end! And … not for one single, lucky day or week … but in one month or year - and this is exactly where the problem lies!


          Finally I couldn't be happy about this day …


          I wish you and all of us (including myself) much more of these "days with incredible raises of sales" - but with much better RPDs (like two years ago)! Write this to your agenda, Adobe ...


          Happy Easter!

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            lag42 Level 1

            Credit sales and EL's actually!!  today we're back on the same old sub-sales then again its easter!


            happy easter to you!