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    Touch issue with photoshop using wacom mobilepro studio 13. Win10Pro.


      I'm having a problem with the touch function when using photoshop. To start of touch does work on the table normally as i for example can use the special gestures wacom has created. I can also use touch on other programs as well as the on-display keyboard.


      But for some reason touch doesn't work properly on photoshop. It does register that i am touching when I move around on the picture but photoshop just flips out and sends the camera flying. Zoom doesn't work at all. I've tried restarting, reinstalling drivers, downgrading to previous drivers (6.3.25-5) without any success. I've also made sure photoshop is in advanced mode when using the tablets GPU. I've also tried normal and basic mode without any success either.



      Thank you.



      As I said before you can move around with touch a bit until photoshop flips out. Apperantly if you try to move up and down it flips out but if you start by moving left or right and then up and down it works perfectly. Pinch to zoom worked by going into preferences and activating 'Zoom with scroll wheel'. I haven't found anything to help with rotating using touch.



      The thing with up and down seems to affect everything that goes up and down when it comes to navigation. If you have many many layers and not all of them can fit/be displayed you ofcourse move down to see the rest. This does not work with touch as it will basically flip out the same way. Using the pen does work on the otherhand. Photoshop has many brushes so if you want to scroll down to check them out you'll encounter the same problem. Really weird.