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      We are building kiosks for Vista, and have encountered a problem with Director 11

      Director 11 on XP and Vista:
      Problem: cursor always appears over WMVs and MPGs sprites on stage
      Things tried: Cursor 200, new _cursor.etc syntax tried, framescripts moviescripts, behaviours etc.
      within, etc.

      I tried a lot, can't seem to program around it.

      The system will appear the cursor, everywhere else on stage it will go.

      Do this some years, it's new.
      Tried cursor hiders on Vista and XP. No program will show a cursor, WM within the projector is the only one overruling.

      The cursor is impossible to hide when it is over the video. Seems like a Director 11 bug.

      Anyone have any idea how to get the cursor to dissapear ?
      Or anyone encounter this ?

      Does anyone have a short term solution ? Cursor hiders won't work:
      - Does anyone know if it is possible in Vista registry to set the start location of the mouse to for example 0,0
      - Does anyone know if there is a way in Director to set the mouseh and mousev ? Cannot be set.
      - Does anyone know how to hide the cursor in Director 11 over WMVs or MPGs ?