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    Two workspace questions...

    River_City_Ken Level 1

      I've been using PS CS5 since it came out (and loads of previous versions,in their times) on the latest version of Windows.  I have a fairly simple workspace that I like and that has given me no problems for a few years.  But for the last half-year or so, every time I open PS, the LAYERS set of tabs and the ADJUSTMENTS set of tabs start out collapsed; I have to go to WINDOWS, then WORKSPACE, and then RESET KEN'S WORKSPACE to get to where I need to be.  What got messed up?  Can this be corrected, so that I don't have to go through this series of clicks?

      And here's another question on something that never worked quite right for me:  I use the RULER tool much more frequently than the EYEDROPPER tool.  I'd like the RULER tool to be the default button on my toolbar, rather than the EYEDROPPER tool, but every time I start PS, the EYEDROPPER is waiting for me.  How can I make my preference stick?

      Thank you!