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    Run .air application without installation?

    abeall Level 3
      Is it possible to have a .air file or something similar which runs in the AIR runtime but does not need to be installed? Something like an executable or maybe like Java .jar file.
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          Not at this time. The feature is under consideration for a future release.
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            Robert Christensen Level 2

            Can you please elaborate a bit on why you'd need this?

            Adobe AIR Team
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              abeall Level 3
              Hi Rob,

              There's one primary reason, and that is for client testing cycles. I've not done many AIR projects but I've immediately found clients hesitant to "install" anything that is not final. Of course I tell them that AIR has a very lightweight installation, can be easily updated as I make new versions, etc, but... you know clients. Then I might make a mistake, like change the app id and they end up with two versions installed and have a conniption. So it would be nice to give a client a single file they can just run and see how they like it, especially for early versions of a project where we are mainly testing UI experience, not functionality.

              Other than that, it's more of a nice-have for some situations with little utility apps than anything critical. There may be installation permission reasons or running from external device or other reasons for some people, but that does not really apply to me at this time.
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                I also have a use case for this. I would like to use AIR to build a very simple authoring system. This would let the user import some content and then save that content along with the executable file needed to run it.
                That user could then distribute the executable knowing that it contained all of the content needed to run. This is very similar to what the Flash IDE and Director already let you do although my authoring system would be much simpler. I've also already managed to do this with other Flash extenders but they have other issues.
                Hope this makes sense, if you need any more details do get back to me.