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    pause button

      i posted this in the site design forum but i've not had a response so i thought i'd post it here - in retrospect it blongs here more

      i do apologise at the probable stupidity of this

      i have piece together about 30 photograhps to create an animation. i want them to play back at around 20fps but when i text the movie it initialy plays really slow - untill you play it again and it runs a lot smoother. i want it tto appear in the centre of a html based pages and play smooth as the page is opened. so obviously it must be something to do with the load time of the page.

      i simply animated it on the timeline for scene one and in retorspect should have turned the first image into a movie clip and animated the rest in there. it took me about 4 hours to put together, and i have tried to cut and paste all the frames into a move clip on frame one but for some reason it wont let me. i can cut and past it frame by frame but when i paste it it knocks out the positioning - despite the x y values being exactly the same.

      i was thinking of putting a stop action on frame 1 and and on press goto and play frame 2 - so in the time it takes the visitor to press it it can load and play much smoother. i simply can't get the action script right.

      i have used flash many times before but i aways have long breaks in between projects so sometimes forget the simplest of things.

      can anyone help me on this please.
      much appriciated