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    LoadVars and loadVariables problem

      I'm having a little trouble with these two methods and can't find any information about this anywhere.

      Basically, I have a flash movie which I need to communicate with a web server. I want to do this by passing values back and forth between the movie and a PHP script. Both will be hosted in the same place. On my development machine I have a php enabled web server running, and I test my stuff by changing the appropriate IPs/hostnames in flash and publishing the swf to the web folder and then testing it in firefox. Here's what my code looks like:


      var testLoader = new LoadVars();
      testLoader['testing123'] = "this is a test";
      testLoader.sendAndLoad(" http://localhost/testscript.php", "_self", "POST");

      This code is all in the root timeline. There is some supporting code in the next few frames which wait for the data to finish sending/loading before the movie continues. The thing is, I can get LoadVars.load() to work just fine like this, but I can't get .send or .sendAndLoad to work at all. The sever http logs come up empty, not even a request on crossdomain.xml. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

      Because of my troubles, I tried using loadVariables instead to send data to my PHP script using the "POST" parameter. It only seems to work when called from a button object, not a regular movie clip or the root timeline. When called from one of the latter two, it will simply do an http GET request instead. I can't find anything describing this behavior in the documentation so can anyone tell me why this is happening?