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    Photoshop running slow




      If I create huge designs for a website with many layers I have trouble with the performance.


      My specs:

      • I7 2600k
      • 16gb of RAM
      • OS/PS/Scratch disk is on a SSD (40gb free space)
      • GTX 1080 or GTX 750
        I tried both graphics but did not realize any difference. So I Think I will stay with the  gtx 750 because of the price.


      PS Document:

      • Width: 1936px
      • Height. 6063px
      • DPI/PPI: 72
      • Layers: 225 (53 folder)
      • Efficience: ~100%



      Rotating or moving text or a layer or a group is very very slow. It feels like 5 fps if I do something and is absolutely not smooth.


      If I rotate or move something the CPU usage is like 30% and graphics about 5%. I do still have 7gb of free (unused) ram. PS use only 1.5gb of ram for this document.

      Why is eveything so slow?

      What can I do to improve the performance of PS?


      Even if I reduce the amount of layers for testing to 25 its not very fast.
      Drawing is always very fast and feels pretty good (I dont need it).


      Thank you for your help.