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    MOGRT Problems

    loose leaf paper Level 1

      I downloaded what I thought would be a pretty straightforward MOGRT...just a chalkboard animation (File 181063956).  It's causing many problems.  I have an iMac with 16GB of RAM and a TB in free space.  Running Premiere 12.0.1. 


      1) When i want to play back in realtime, the render takes over 10 minutes to simply watch 210 frames/6 seconds of footage.  When I use one of your competitors templates in After Effects, they render in seconds.  This is not a problem with my machine.  Exporting also takes forever.


      2) If my text contains anything more than the 9 characters that are default (Main Text), it gets cut off.  Even when I shrink the font.


      3) When I first tried a MOGRT after seeing them at Max, I wasn't able to change the font on a free one.  I paid $20 for this and still can't edit the font.


      Can someone help me with this?  I purchased thinking it would be very simple like the templates on Videoblocks and Pond5.




      Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 2.45.29 PM.png