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    [Locked] Class action lawsuit vs Adobe

    Beachcolonist Level 1

      I am sure Adobe did it's stockholders due diligence before killing this software, they know more about the user base than this forum knows. They have calculated every cost, I am sure. Except perhaps a class action lawsuit.


      It would seem to me that as I see almost 3000 on the feckless kumbaya change.org petition (https://www.change.org/p/adobe-systems-adobe-do-not-discontinue-muse ) If instead each donated $100 you are at $300K to hire lawyers. You sue, you get a restraining order. The user agreement can be tossed by a judge if they see fit, or other adjustments made. At any rate it buys time and sends the correct message - users are not punks.


      All this whining & begging is interesting, but undignified. Hit them where it hurts, the bottom line. The damage is legitimate, the tort would be legit too.