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    CS5 Photoshop crashes on print and other weird problems (High Sierra 10.3.3)

    marjaa41004683 Level 1

      I was wondering if my very old Photoshop (CS5) can be made to work with MacBook Pro (2016) and High Sierra 10.3.3). I now tried printing for the first time, and it does open the printing screen with options, but if I touch "preferences" Photoshop will crash.


      A second problem: Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop end in a weird way, so that even if I close them normally, they always give the error message that the program stopped working unexpectedly.


      Otherwise, they have been working okay, and since I do not use them much professionally, I'd like to keep my old software rather than upgrade to the monthly paying model that seems to be the only option nowadays. Any advice would be highly appreciated.


      I did try the updates for all Adobe programs; some of them were installed, I think, but with others there were problems. Could it be the thing about the Mac gatekeeper?