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    In AE CS5.5, the "CC Glass" Effect doesn't recognize CCfx HD

      Hi, Adobe Help Forum,
      My name is Jeremy Schafer and I am experiencing a rather strange problem in Adobe After Effects CS5.5.
      Allow me to explain my situation. Currently, I am working to create cool-looking cinematic titles by following a video tutorial posted on Youtube by Andrew Kramer of VideoCopilot.net. One of the steps involves setting the CC Glass effect to use "AE Lights" instead of "Effect Light."


      When I try to do this, I am unable.

      In the CC Glass effect, under the "Light" toggle options, in the "Using" selection, there are two options: "Effect Light" and "AE Lights." When I try to set the effect to use "AE Lights," it says AE Lights (requires CCfx HD). This is referring to "CyCore Effects HD."

      Thing is, After Effects CS5.5 DOES seem to have this.

      So, unless I'm missing something, it seems that logically, After Effects should be recognizing it. But somehow, it isn't. CC Glass is either not recognizing it or registering it.

      What do I need to do to fix this? If anyone knows what the solution to this is, I would greatly appreciate an answer as soon as possible.




      Jeremy Schafer