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    Odd behaviour with new mouse...


      Hello folks!

      - I bought myself a new mouse yesterday, a Logitech M300. Fairly good grip, looked good and so on but the major thing with this mouse was that it was supposed to be quiet. No clicks. No more annoyed wife. And I tell you, it works. It really is quiet. But useless for graphical editing. This is the first mouse I have ever encountered that lags, or more correctly described, suffers from micro-stutters. It freezes up a millisecound or two, when it awakes again the tool you're working with is nowhere near you want it to be. Always a four or five pixels too far, too much left etc etc.


      Was it possible that this new mouse caused this? The micro-stutters? I tested several of my old favourite mice I had around to find out if any of them had the same problem. Perhaps not much enough back then to really pay any attention to it at the time? But no. But no, it's this new Logitech M300 who has introduced as new phenomenon to me; mouse induced micro stutters.

      Has anyone else experienced the same problem as I have? Can it be solved? Hints? My wife really likes this new silent mouse you see .


      Best regards
      Joakim Rolfson



      I have now found out that this is common behaviour among Logitech mice. There's nothing to do about it. The mouse

      works fine first 10 - 15 minutes, after that the freezing and stutter behavious starts. Too bad, it was a nice mouse.


      Case closed.


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