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    Search Tab/Function does not work in IE

      Edit: This is with RoboHelp 7.0.2.

      The search tab/function is not working in IE but will work in Firefox. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have traced it back to being a problem with the .XML files. It chokes in the checkState function in IE but passes in Firefox. I have noticed that I have some key names that users will more than likely never search for in one of my whfdata.xml files:

      <key name="|"> 61,63, </key>
      <key name="â"> 59,117, </key>
      <key name="—"> 71,42,80, </key>

      and the last in whfts.xml:
      <chunkinfo url="whfwdata8.xml" first="troubleshoot" last="—"/>

      If I remove the keynames in whfwdata8.xml and change the last value in whfts.xml then the search tab/function begins to work again in IE. This is a pain to have to do every time, is there anything I can do?