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    Unauthorized changes blocked Controlled access


      It's impossible to open lightroom(Ver 7.2) i because microsoft internet security write a error message, like "


      "Unauthorized changes blocked Controlled access to files blocked the provision of changes by C:\... \adobe-licutil.ex… au dossier %\userprofile%\D… \Adobe<GC"


      Unauthorized changes blocked Controlled access to files blocked the provision of changes by C:\Progra…\Lightroom.exe au dossier %\userprofile%...\ Lightroom


      and other


      Please help me


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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Franckt,


          We're sorry to hear about the error you're getting, could you please try the steps below and let us know how it goes?


          Open Windows Defender Security Center
          Click Virus & threat protection

          Scroll down to the bottom then toggle off Controlled folder access


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            BryanStone Level 1

            For the past few months, when I install an update of LR Classic CC, the app downloads, taking several minutes, and then tries to install, but the install fails at the end.

            The same occurred yesterday when I installed

            At the bottom right on the screen there is a brief message about a failure to access a folder, but it goes away too fast to read.

            I tried going to Virus and threat protections and turned off "real time protection."

            That did not work.  I added separately turning off
            "Controlled folder access."  This worked.

            Each time an error like this occurs you have to start again from the beginning, including download, and it all takes several minutes.

            Problems like this have been reported for several months now, and it is time for Adobe to fix it.

            It should not just wait for each user to hit the same problem.  That is lazy programming.

            It should be possible when this happens to stop at the point where it might happen, test to see if it will happen, give the user instructions about the required settings, access the necessary folder, then stop again and advise the user to restore the protections before continuing.  This would minimze the time when the protections are disabled.

            Better still would be to have enough rapport with Microsoft to solve this without the user needing to do anything.

            Currently on LR 7.3.1, Windows 10 1803.

            Bryan Stone