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    Very Unsatisfied with Customer Support & Licensing


      I have an adobe stock subscription and when I search for images I REALLY dislike how a pop-up appears over each image to "license and save to computer" which will instantly license the image if I accidentally click it. This is a VERY poor design choice. I read through the support forms and it seems that I'm not the only one having this problem. It needs to be fixed ASAP.


      So what happened to me? I accidentally clicked the pop-up button!


      I figured I could get this fixed by chatting with customer support. But customer support told me that they have no way to issue a refund for an image (they couldn't even figure out what I was asking for awhile).


      Then I asked if I could have an extra credit. They said they can't do that either.


      I don't know what's wrong with your customer service team but this is really poor customer service. I will likely cancel my membership once I use my remaining credits unless something is fixed.


      Ravi: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.

      Ravi: Hi, How are you today?

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Good.

      Ravi: One moment while I transfer you to the specialist that can assist you.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Thank you.

      info: Please wait while we connect you to a representative.

      info: You are now chatting with 'Mohit '

      Mohit : Thank you for contacting Adobe membership services.

      Mohit : How are you doing today ?

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Good.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Do you know my problem?

      Mohit : No worries.

      Mohit : I will help you with best resources and with the best possible manner.

      Mohit : May I please have your phone number so that I can update in your account.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Can I have a refund on 73308437? I accidentally pressed the license and save to computer button. It's WAY to easy to accidentally click this pop-up button when searching for images.

      Mohit : No worries.

      Mohit : I will be sending you a link which you can refer on few of things that you can manage yourself on your account for eg. How to update credit card info, get invoice, change your plan etc. Please save this helpful link for your future reference. http://blogs.adobe.com/contentcorner/2016/12/23/get-started-with-your-creative-cloud-subsc ription/

      Mohit : Please allow me couple of minutes let me go through your account.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Thanks.

      Mohit : We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.

      Mohit : As I can see that you have Adobe Stock - 10 images a month (one-year) and Creative Cloud Photography plan (one-year).

      Mohit : So what exactly you want me to do with this subscription ?

      Rebecca Zimmerman: I accidentally licensed 73308437. Can I have a refund.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: When I search for images, it's VERY easy to accidentally click the license button. I would like a refund for image 73308437.

      Mohit : Ok so you want to cancel Adobe stock images right ?

      Rebecca Zimmerman: no

      Rebecca Zimmerman: not cancel

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Can you see IMAGES I have licensed?

      Mohit : Yes Adobe stock images ?

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Yes.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: I get 10 images each month.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: I need (1) image refunded.

      Mohit : So what exactly you want to do with these images ?

      Mohit : No sorry its possible.

      info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [REMOVED] at the end of your chat.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: It's possible?

      Mohit : Its not possible.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Why?

      Mohit : Because images can't be refunded.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Why>

      Mohit : No its not possible as we don't have any option in that.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: I read an article where you did a refund. So that's not true.

      Rebecca Zimmerman:https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2277445

      Mohit : Yes refund is possible but not images.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Than can I have an extra credit?

      Mohit : No sorry no extra credit.

      Rebecca Zimmerman: Then I will be sending this chat to social media. I am not satisfied.

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Rebecca,


          I really apologize for the poor experience. Our engineering team is already aware of the "accidental licensing" issue and is working to get this issue fixed asap.


          Meanwhile, I have added an image license to your account so that you can use it against a different image.


          Hope this helps!


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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