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    Ch Crashed during Live Performance & corrupted the saved files


      Ch Crashed during Live Performance & corrupted the saved files,

      Lucky I always make double backups of all my works and source files when working under any Adobe programs !!!

      cause No one that works for adobe as a coder can make their applications stable enough to Not do this or No crash !!

      so after I step back to the saved file number 2, I deleted the corrupted file and saved a new one same name and Bang it works and I made several other backup save points to make sure there is always a good working saved point.

      and then I copy and save those files on another hard drive or SSD drive.

      but your program should not be crashing like that and in fact when it crashed on me, I was in a game session and not having the CH selected to do anything with at the moment, until the game session was done or until I died in the game of Crossout then i would use Ch to Animated my character for team support or making fun of other players.

      and if you checkout my videos live stream on YouTube you see what I am talking about for a video game session...

      Crossout Game w/ Teddy Bear Carl Live Stream 3/27/2018 - YouTube

      I even made animation for bullets to fly out of the gun and the shells too and my next add on to the character bear I added on a animation for his hands to work together and show a small heart and then enlarge it a few more times as the hands open wider.

      so this is a good concept app but you got to fix the bugs and stuff that cause it to crash and corrupt the files!!!!!

      and how about for sound wave files being added on to the CH we can use during live sessions and have a trigger added to them to activate the wave files when  and connecting it to a trigger to do a action or animation we set up for live...

      this so we don't have to use 3rd party software to use for it, it be all in your program.

      and it will work for recording video too.

      and how about adding on a recorded video to the scene too, so we ca do what I am doing but as a recording.

      I had to cut out the video viewer BG to make show my desktop capture when in OBS... so it looks like the character and the scene its in is actually viewing the desktop screen and the videos I select to view...