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    Pass arguments from FLEX to CFC

    kingquattro Level 1
      Hey guys,
      I Think I should ask thing question in the form, if not Please let me know.

      I have been developing an app for about month now, and I am using ColdFusion specifically cfc's for data manipulation. The thing that has been bothering me is that I can't pass arguments from FLEX to CFC's using name=value, convention like you would in normal ColdFusion application.

      I am using remoteObjects to setup my CFC, and then use ID.functionName(arg1,arg2..) to call the CFC, but I can't be selective here and skip parameters, in between, either I have to pass a default value, or I have re-arrange the order of arguments in CFC.

      Is this the only way to do so?

      Thanks Jaysheel.