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    A mess with my LR Catalogs and Keywords

    Heirloom Bob Level 1

      I was working on Lightroom Classic the other day and noticed two things,

      My keyword tags were gone and I was NOT using the correct catalog version. I suspect this was all a result of moving photos to a different drive and various other tasks I messed up when I did those transfers.


      So here is my dilemma. Is it possible merge all of my catalogs into a single new one if for no other reason than to get all photos into a single catalog going forward? Is that a reasonable strategy? I have a catalog Dec 2017 that contains 215,000 photos but they only go to 2016  with the last two years not showing. On the other hand, I have a catalog with another name but it contains 546,000 photos (which I don't think is accurate) It does have the missing 2017 and 2018 photos but they only amount to 35,000 shots thus my feeling the 546,000 is accurate.


      I know that this mess is my on doing but now I am humbly looking for a possible solution to fix.