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    Slideshow Exports partial video but complete audio

    Bernie33 Level 1

      Using Lightroom Classic CC v7.2.  Using Slideshow Export to create a video with sound from a collection.  The collection has 159 photos plus 7 short video clips interspersed among the photos.  The slideshow uses 7 music files.  It is set to make the slideshow "Fit to Music" so it is 18:03 minutes long.  When exporting in Standard Quality the resulting file does not play properly.  At a point perhaps halfway through the file the image is no longer displayed, although the music continues!  The playback problem happens both when the file is on a USB drive plugged into a DVD player and when it is played back on a computer.


      Bypass:  I was ab/e to bypass the problem by Exporting the Slideshow in High Quality mode.  That file is about 1gb bigger and does display correctly.