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    TOC problems after RH5 -> RH7 upgrade


      I use RoboHTML to create help projects.
      After upgrading one with several subprojects from RH5 to RH7 the following problem occurs:
      the TOC of the subproject is not incorporated in the main TOC, instead the name of the subproject is shown. when clicking this, the subproject is opened in a new tab (tested on Firefix3 and Opera9.5), virtualy as a separate project.
      The same project was previously published with RH5, with the subprojects correctly linked.

      Also, I reveive the attached java error (again not existing with RH5) when opening the start page. if I substitute the newly generated WebHelp.jar with the old one (generated by RH5) the error ceases but the TOC problem persists.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks a lot,