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    Tablet pen scrolls sideways and up/down instead of tool effect?


      When I'm in a file, press the pen and move, it moves the image horizontally or vertically. Just like when you are zoomed in and use the scrollbars on the right and the bottom of the image. It happens with any tool, not exclusively the brush. I'm only able to make the tools work if I make an horizontal stroke with the pen. If I move vertically or diagonally, it scrolls. When using the mouse it works fine, it's only with the tablet pen.


      I realize now that I had a Windows 10 update just last night and noticed the problem later today the first time I opened Photoshop to start working. I use the most recent Photoshop version and a Cintiq 22HD.


      I've made a driver update for the tablet, reinstalled PS, reset my preferences, reset PC. Not sure what is going on, but it seems related to the Windows update.