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    Green Screen Error


      When trying to remove a green screen from the background of a picture for a client, I happen to be running into an issue that I have never had before and I am stumped, any help would be greatly appreciated. So when I have everything selected, and I go to cut the green screen out, the leftover image that I need to be removed from the green screen becomes somewhat transparent, and I have never seen this before so I am truly puzzled Thanks much!


      On the off chance you know what is happening off the top of your head that is great! But on the other hand if you need more information I would be happy to link a youtube video of the problem at hand if that helps, it would take next to no time at all to make and upload one

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          Are you creating a layer mask to remove the background? That would be the best method. Or are you deleting pixels? That would be the destructive method.

          What method are you using to select the background? Can you share the image with us, or at least a screen capture of your workspace and with an example of where the transparency happening?

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            caseyv46649602 Level 1

            thanks for taking the time to help me, it is much appreciated, I have tried deleting the pixels and using a layer mask set to transparent and both cause the same issue where the entire picture becomes somewhat transparent

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              caseyv46649602 Level 1

              Photoshop Help - Google Photos


              This is the URL link to my photos I have uploaded on the subject if any other photos are needed or video are needed the link posted will continually be updated with the needed media

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                Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

                I can see the transparency that you are referring to. Alt click on the layer mask to view just the mask without the image pixels. Do you see a grey tint in the mask area that should be white? If so, that is what is causing the transparency. You can fix this by doing a levels adjustment on the mask. Go to Layers>Adjustments>Levels with the mask selected. Move the white slider on the right side to the left until the gray clears out to white.

                If you don't see gray in your mask, then something else is going on.

                What method did you use to make the selection of the mask?