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    Syncing Question

    magicgenie Level 1

      LR mobile - whenever we "un-Sync" (unchecking the sync button) a collection in our synced LR catalog and manually delete the said collection in lightroom mobile, the photos still stay in the lightroom mobile webpage. Is there a way to un-sync photos/album by bulk? I think sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Does this happen to anyone else? This mobile syncing really helps us a lot though but sometimes the photos get sync in another catalog even if we have already un-synced them in the original catalog.


      7.0.1 LR

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried logging in to Lr Mobile and deleting from there first?

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            magicgenie Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.

            I have to select each dingle photo manually, then I see a worrying error message -

            - Deleting these photos is not undoable. And they will be deleted from your Lightroom photos. -

            This sounds like I will remotely delete images? (Instead of just unsyncing collections).


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              cmgap Adobe Community Professional

              What is your desired result? I've read your post a few times and am not clear what your objective is.

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                magicgenie Level 1

                Ah, OK.

                My apologies...


                After syncing (on the computer LR) a collection of 50 images for example (our average collection quantity) and then unsyncing. All images stay synced. It's up to 12 thousand synced images now, (when I chk on LR mobile) they've just kept adding up.


                We want synced images to be zero.


                We want to sync a collection check it remotely on mobile then unsync it and it should be gone.


                Hope it makes sense.

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                  cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                  No apology necessary. If I understand you correctly you want to zero out the images that are synced in Lr Mobile and move forward syncing a collection, check it and then remove from Mobile...


                  When in doubt - try it out.


                  Your images in Lr Mobile are smart previews of your synced collections. Unsyncing a collection in Classic will not remove the image in either its original location or in the collection.


                  First unsync a collection > any images in that collection will be removed from Lr Mobile > then go back to Classic and confirm that your image is still in your unsynced collection and your original folder location as you would expect it to be.


                  If you want to clear out or manage the images in your Lr Mobile go to the All Synced Photos under Catalog in the left column. Removing all synced photos will not remove the photos from your Classic catalog. Your Lr Mobile catalog will be zeroed out.


                  The collections as may be aware are virtual copies so removing them or unsyncing them will not delete them. Only Delete from Disk will delete them. And if you choose Delete from Disk they will be moved from their original folder to the trash.


                  I hope this is helpful. Try it out with a test collection to get comfortable syncing, unsyncing, removing, deleting from both Classic and Mobile. You only need a couple of images to work with until you are comfortable with it.

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                    Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Unchecking a collection in Lightroom Classic from sync SHOULD remove the images in the collection from the cloud. If they don't get removed and you don't have a hanging sync from Classic (check in preferences for sync activity) than it's likely the same images are synced form a different collection or are simply in "All synced images" too.


                    Some of the syncing can take a very long time and you might need to wait a bit too.

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                      magicgenie Level 1

                      Thanks heaps everyone! Also, we hadn't seen, in the left panel under Catalog - All synced photographs... and right clicking here we can remove synced images.