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    Licence Error



      over the last two years I was very lucky and had Adobe Premiere Pro subscription.

      I had to change my priority and I had to change my plan. Everything went well and whole process was very easy.

      Now again I'm happy that I have a chance to enjoy different plan which is

      Creative Cloud Photography plan with 1TB (one-year)

      I have to format my computer one day when I get a little of a free time and so i didn't install all of the software. All I installed so far is Photoshop CC and I'm using it with older Lightroom 5.7 (still great) however now i can not open photoshop CC as it has license problem.

      I want to open it via Creative Cloud witch is up to date and i get the window that my test version is ended so i'm clicking on a button to get the license for this software then it wants me to log in to my account using my ID which one is correct then i click log in button and i get the window subscription didn't found. and so i need to contact you. So here I'm.

      I have checked my account on Adobe and it looks like I have this plan along with Invoice but Maybe is not activated. I don't know.

      Can you please help me to find a solution or there is something else that I'm missing. please let me know [private info removed by Mod]

      Kind Regards

      Dawid Bober                  


      Apologise for grammar but English is my second language and I didn't master it yet but I'm working on it