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    How to use or export checked photos in organizer?


      Just got back from a trip with 1500 photos.  Spent hours putting captions in the ones I wanted to share and can't find any way to export or save them separately had even done ratings but only part show that way. I tried doing a search by say *.* to see if all of them with a caption showed and none showed.  So to summerize I have Elements Organizer open with Media and all of the 1500 pics show with all the boxes checked on the ones I edited and added a caption.  But can't find anyway to save or export them.  I spent hours doing all kinds of searches to no avail. Thanks for any help.

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          rfallona Level 1

          62  views and not a single answer??   I even emailed Adobe Support a week ago & nothing from Adobe either!   How can this be so hard to do?  When I reload the organizer the checked boxes are still there, yet no way to save them to an album nor folder.

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            Don26812 Level 2

            If I understand you right, you have 1500 photos that you have tagged and captioned using the Organizer. Now you want those captions and tags to be written into the actual JPEG files that you are going to export using the Export command underneath the File menu. If that is the case, I would first write the metadata to the images, which should get the Tags and captions written to the images. You do this by first selecting all of the files, and then File > Save Metadata to Files. Now when you export the images as new files, the data is embedded into those copies. And by the way, these exported copies are no longer part of the Catalog.


            You can test out the above on a few images first. If you open up the properties on one of the images using say Windows Photos app, you should see your tags and caption.


            Hope this helps.