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    Anchors Problems

    joea45723605 Level 1



      When I place anchors, and then preview the page in browser (Chrome), I get the following message when I hit the anchored element:


      Page Not Found

      File 'index.html' could not be found.


      A common cause for this error is selecting 'Preview Page in Browser', then clicking on a link to another page.

      Use 'Preview Site in Browser' if you want to view all the pages of your site in the browser.


      Additionally, please note that the box in the screenshot below is NOT checked:


      Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.17.02 PM.png


      In the screenshot below, you will see that the "ABOUT" menu button is selected, and shows as linked to the "ABOUT" anchor.  The anchor is hard to see, but it is lower on the page, right above the first photograph.


      Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.18.37 PM.png


      The anchors were working fine in another file, and the only difference in set-up between the two is that this one is "fluid width."  Are anchors considered a "scroll effect" and thereby, unusable in "fluid width" set-ups?


      Thank you


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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          joea45723605  wrote



          Use 'Preview Site in Browser' if you want to view all the pages of your site in the browser.


          so did you try preview SITE in browser?

          Screenshot (739).png


          I would assume you also have a page called ABOUT and that is what the anchor is set to... you have placed that anchor on a master page so there is a copy of that anchor on every page that master links to for example the anchor highlighted in my screenshot is on the PT page and I would have to preview the site in order to test it because that is a different page to the PT-Master page I have open

          Screenshot (738).png