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    Conditional Build Tags

    bigbrook Level 1
      We use our RH7 help system for two purposes: Subject Search Help and Training.

      The subject search opens and searches all pages, allowing the user to select topics from the TOC or search for terms.

      The training section uses the same help pages, but uses browsing sequences to guide the learner through the topics, referencing some pages but not others.

      I would like like to use conditional build tags to display one TOC (with all pages displayed) without the browse sequence navigation aids (Previous, Next) if they enter through a help link or another that will display a limited TOC with browse sequence navigation aids. It might also be nice if the search feature was disabled in the training build to avoid wandering.

      I am pretty sure this is possible in RH7 but I need a little direction in how to accomplish this look and feel.

      Is there something specific to put in the link into the pages that will trigger the conditional build? What is the easiest and most effecient way to do this? Any other suggestions would be greatly welcomed.