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    Timing off in premiere?

    zdontherapper Level 1

      Hello guys, so this is a bit of a confusing thing for me. I work in protools and have exported my audio at 120 bpm exactly, which is 2 beats per second. Now I'm dragging in the audio clip to premiere and expect to be able to make markers every 2 seconds on the dot to slice my clips for the music video im editing. However as the song goes on, the timing goes out of sync (the hits start landing off of the 2 second intervals where I want to place my markers) At the beginning of the song it's fine, but it doesn't seem to be in perfect time as time goes on. So my question is, is the timing in protools different than the timing in premiere, and is there a way to solve this? Thanks for your guys's time.

      -John Zdon (Zdon The Rapper)

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          bucksommerkamp Adobe Community Professional

          Hey John,


          One thing you can do (and I realize it's less-precise than using exact timing) is to play back the audio on the timeline, and every time you want to drop a marker, you can hit the "M" key on your keyboard. It's actually kind of therapeutic, banging on a key repeatedly in time with the music - dropping markers as you go - and then editing to them. I've done some pretty compelling stuff that way.


          I'm not sure why the timing would drift over time, since you're at 120bpm and that should evenly divide out to 60 two-second markers per minute. The only thing I wonder is if it somehow involves rounding and frame rates: at 29.97 frames per second (most video), that little 0.03 might cause trouble over time.


          I'd highly recommend the manual "hear the beat in your headphones and hit the M key" method of dropping markers. Less scientific, more tactile.


          Let us know if you're able to try this and how it works for you.



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            zdontherapper Level 1

            that's what I ended up doing, it's way quicker, and honestly I'm tryna do a video a week so I kind of need the quick ability. Maybe later when I want to start making everything super super precise I'll find a way to fix it, but for now the m drop thing works. Thanks for the response.

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