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    How to avoid double import in CC 2018?

    Jogen Level 3

      Hello Community

      still in CC 17 v11 I had no problems to avoid duplicate import of files into Premiere (enabled "write XMP files").

      Now in CC 18 v12 I get double files when importing (copy/paste from an existing timeline) from another open project, although I have "write XMP..." enabled in the preferences.

      Do any of you have similar problems or know how to solve them?


      As an example: I am currently editing a season with 21 episodes and use already finished episode projects as templates for further parts. So I delete the video and audio files, but keep e.g. graphic bins; music or SFX as a template. If I copy a position with already existing SFX from an already finished sequence, Premiere creates further instances of the already existing clips.


      Any advice is welcome,