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    What method is this for creating textures? (Game design related)

    Easton777 Level 1

      I need to try to copy the workflow as based off this picture:



      It is an older version of PS but I think the process is still the same. Essentially I would model a parking lot and road in a 3d program, UV unwrap it in say 10x10 meter chunks, then add textures to it in PS as this person has in the picture with the grid. What is the blue grid? I would think it is his UVs from the 3d program tiled in a specified unit of measurement.


      How would this grid be laid out and textures added to them?


      Sorry for not being more specific, I am not yet experienced enough with PS, all I know is that based off of this picture is the same workflow that I would have to follow.


      Edit: Here is the video this is from:


      Orbx EGTR Elstree airport - YouTube


      If anyone experienced in Photoshop can explain to me what it looks like this guy did and how he did it I would greatly appreciate it.