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    Changing the Default Scale Marker Settings

    StNachts Level 1

      Hello all!


      I‘m in the middle of databasing insects for an identification project where I have to take images of the insect, layer the photos for a high definition image, and then crop and add labels.


      I‘ve cut down the processes with a variety of programs, and it is mostly just a few clicks. However, my last step, adding a scale bar in photoshop, gives me the most trouble. I use the exact same settings for every file for the bar (12 font Arial, placed in the bottom right corner), but I have yet to find a way to make these the default settings. While it may not seem like a big deal, I am documenting and photographing over 25,000 specimens, and after a few hours, it gets very annoying to have to change the font and drag the scale bar to the bottom left corner. I was wondering if there is anyway to change the default settings via menus or even scripting!


      Thank you,