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    Use Photoshop Data Merge to put an Image into Perspective

    tylerm14500687 Level 1

      Our nonprofit would appreciate guidance on how to do a Photoshop CC data merge that takes rectangular images and automatically puts them into perspective.


      We know how to do data merge in InDesign, but that program does not let us make a template to put the images into perspective.


      We know how to do data merge in Photoshop CC, and we know how to make a single image go into perspective. However, we cannot figure out how to create a template for a merge with images in perspective automatically. 


      I know that we cannot easily put text in perspective in Photoshop, so the images in our data merge source would include both the images and the text.



      We will use three jpg images to create greeting cards like the one shown:

      1. one for the front of the card (champagne glass image plus title text),
      2. one for the top interior of the card (the square image plus the text and logo next to it)
      3. one for the bottom inside of the card (just an image of text).

      These three source images will appear in the finished greeting cards with different perspective angles.


      We need to create way too many 3-D images of cards to be able to manually use the perspective tool for each card, individually.


      Thank you for your help!