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    Photoshop CC crashing on Win10 [Printer Related (Mod)]




      Up until today My PS CC has been working perfectly, zero issues.  Now the only thing I have done is add an ICC profile to LR Classic CC.  As Iw ant to print 13x19 on My Epson 3880  with a  fine art paper.  Not rocket science...I think.  When I struggled to get LR to print it I had the brainiac idea to open in PS and Print from there.   The only odd thing that happened was My  'watermark" file wouldn't open.  A little googling lead me to believe I needed to close and reopen.  Once I closed and reopened  It won't open.  A scrambling err comes up.  "Photoshop has crashed, submit a crash report".  Well I would but the box is scrambled.  Can't click on anything and can't close the program without going to Task Manager and forcing a close.  Restarting the error report comes every time.  I realized an update was due.  Ran adobe CC updater.  Problem persists.


      I Was trying to figure out how to add the ICC profile in PS, didn't think I was causing a calamity.   Any bright ideas on how to fix this mess?  This old boy is REALLY confused...