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    Controlling the FLVplayback component Volume

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      Hi there,

      I have a FLVPlayback component which I have modified to the core.There is one problem with the volume slider. Im using Flash Professional 8 with XP, and the skin Im using is "steelExternalAll". Suppose I load some file into the contentPath, it plays, and I drag the volume slider up (100%) and down(0%) for a couple of time I get a bug. The bug is that when Im finally in the down state, with 0% I still hear the sound which was in the previous status, say 38 or 50%. And it happens in the reverse too. Why is this happening? Can i resolve it?

      I tried doing this using a fresh FLASH file, still the result is the same. It happens once in a 10 times, but this surely is a defect i need to handle. I dont think I have enough API's to do something serious. Can anyone help me out?