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    Switch back to LightRoom 6 (2015 version)  from LightRoom Classic CC

    chrisk8796983 Level 1

      I got a one year subscription for LightRoom CC when my computer crashed last year.  I had the stand alone version of LightRoom 6 (2015 version) when it died.


      I built a new computer and have been running the LightRoom Clasic CC since then.


      My CC subscription will be expiring April 4th, so I canceled my subscription, uninstallled everything Adobe CC related and re-installed LightRoom 6 (2015 version).


      Looking at my CC assests and programs, it still shows I have Adobe LightRoom Classic CC installed (which I don't).  No mention of the LightRoom 6 (2015 version)


      Also, when I fire up LightRoom 6 (2015 version), it does not recognize any of the NEF files except for some that I recently took with a Nikon D810.  LightRoom 6 recognized my Nikon D3200 and D5600 NEF files when it was originally installed. And I am unable to update - it just sends me back to my CC account.


      Any thoughts?