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    YouTube won't play dialogue on my cell phone- audio sounds like it's in the back channels.


      Hey guys- I've been searching for several hours for a solution to my problem, and I've gone down several rabbit holes about latency looking for a solution.


      I have a boom mic, a Tascam, a DSLR, and my mid-2011 mac that I edit on. Usually, I like to record my audio separately into the Tascam, but as I was shooting on the beach, I wanted to keep things more compact. I've never recorded audio into the camera body before, so I don't know if that's even related. I could've accidentally changed a setting I don't know about in premiere, but this video shoot is resulting in audio that's not coming through when uploaded to YouTube and played on cell phones.


      My process was the same as any other shoot; lay out my video in Premiere, sync my audio, clean it up in Audition, grade and export to Media Encoder, using the H.264 format with the YouTube 1080p HD. I don't believe I changed anything. I'm willing to learn, please guide me.


      When I listen to the audio, it definitely is coming through the speakers behind me. I'm wondering if and how I can fix this, and I ask you to show mercy on me. Pity me, please. This is simply my first time hitting a roadblock that the amazing people at Adobe usually makes idiot proof so people on the forums don't have to waste their time on some noob. I kid because I can't proceed any further without adult supervision.




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