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    Problem opening photo files with PE 2018


      I have a PC running Windows 10.  I just installed Photoshop Elements 2018 to replace my old PE version 9.  When I right click on a photo file and select "Open With" and then select PE 2018, PE does launch but the photo doesn't automatically open up in the workspace as it used to do with my older version 9?  Instead I'm now forced to search my PC within PE 2018 for the correct file to be able to open it in the workspace.  It's a step backwards in convenience for me!


      Is this normal?  Anyone know how to correct this?  Tutorials don't seem to address directly opening just a single photo as a way to launch PE 2018.

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          Try these instructions to set up the association again

          1. Close the editor
          2. Open Windows File Explorer and locate a JPG file
          3. Right click on the file and select Open With >
          4. Select Choose another app (at the bottom)
          5. Check the Always use this box
          6. Scroll down the list and select More (might have to repeat this step)
          7. Scroll down the list and select Look on this  PC
          8. Browse to the following folder
            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 2018
          9. Select the following file
            PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe [Note: no spaces]
          10. Click on Open
          11. That should open the editor and load the JPG.


          If you still have PSE 9 installed you may pick up the wrong version of the editor even if you follow these steps exactly. This is a windows quirk and I can give you a way roud it.